I tried to connect the Ooma Hub to the internet via a Netgear WNCE2001 Wifi Internet Adapter (connects via an ethernet cable to the Ooma hub), but the Ooma can't call out it could only receive calls. The Ooma works fine with a DSL internet connection, but when I connect it using the Netgear Wifi adapter (using a wireless hotspot signal to provide internet via ethernet cable) at speeds faster than my DSL, the Ooma just pauses indefinitely and won't dial out. The internet from the wifi adapter works great when passed thru the Hub to the router, so I know the internet connection is working. I am just wondering if there are generally any issues when using Ooma from a wireless internet sources. Should I have to change any settings?

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https://www.ooma.com/forums/viewtopic.p … mp;t=14952
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